Seconds! or I wish I could have stayed all day…

Today’s Daily Prompt is Seconds! or more appropriately:

Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail.

Let me start by stating I am not a fine food aficionado. I generally keep it very simple when this farm boy goes ‘out on the town’. The one exception is when I am on vacation, or more specifically, when I am at my second home, Walt Disney World. I know what you are thinking but I believe the signature dining at Disney is very good. Pricey, that is an understatement but what little I have experienced I have enjoyed.

Le Cellier Steakhouse Canada Pavilion, Epcot

Le Cellier Steakhouse
Canada Pavilion, Epcot

Of the few places I have dined in while at Disney World, Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada pavilion at Epcot has to be my favorite. Maybe it is because I am a steak and potatoes kind of guy but the food selections sit well with me and I have not had a bad meal at the restaurant. During my last visit in October I experienced my best meal, as far as I can recall, in quite a long time.

Le Cellier Steakhouse Dining Room

Le Cellier Steakhouse
Dining Room

Once you are seated the wait staff will explain the restaurant, if it is your first visit, and offer a few suggestions. Drink orders are taken and then just so you do not have to sit idly by, the bread sticks arrive. I could probably make a meal out of the pretzel bread sticks. They arrive warm with a glorious amount of butter (like a fat content concern is going to stop me now!). Luckily, once you devour the first few you can request a refill. I would almost suggest holding off so as not to fill up but I splurging so bring me more…

Le Cellier Bread sticks

Le Cellier Bread sticks

Just as I finish off my second helping of bread my appetizer arrives. The restaurant is famous for its Cheddar Cheese Soup and no trip inside is complete without at least a taste. The soup is made with Moosehead beer and bacon. How can that be wrong? I wish I had planned a little better cause I would have saved some bread to help get every last drop. I don’t think anyone noticed when I picked up the bowl to lick the inside!

Le Cellier's Cheddar Cheese Soup

Le Cellier’s Cheddar Cheese Soup

At this point I’m starting to feel a little fat and happy but I know my main course will arrive soon. I try not to fill up on my ice tea as I wait. When my meal does arrive I at first think I am getting the kids portion but once I dig in I realize the plate is big and the food is more than enough to top off the tank.

Le Cellier's Mushroom Filet

Le Cellier’s Mushroom Filet

I went all out on this trip and ordered the “Le Cellier” Mushroom Filet Mignon served with a wild mushroom risotto topped with a white truffle butter sauce and micro chervil. The steak can be cut with a fork. It is tender and juicy with a wonderful flavor. I had a hard time separating the steak flavor from the topping but I didn’t care, it all tastes good. The risotto is good but seems to pale in comparison to the steak. I power my way through it, enjoying every mouthful.

My only regret was that second helping of bread sticks as I now have no room for dessert. It would have been a great ending to an already wonderful meal. Next time I’ll know to save just a little room for the dessert.


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I'm an Engineer most of the time but if I can sneak away from the job I enjoy visiting/reading about/learning everything Disney, playing video games as long as I can stop and think about them, reading science fiction and my newest fascination is photography.
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