I’ve started playing with my digital camera.  I have always enjoyed taking pictures and as my wife can attest I do a pretty good job filling up the memory card when we are on vacation.  I have always used a point and shoot camera never giving much thought to what else could be done.  I found myself recently being marveled by pictures people have taken at Disney World.  Being the ‘fan’ that I am there are quite a few sites and podcasts that I listen to and the topic of photography has popped up on quite a few of them recently.  I guess it sparked an interest…

Here are some of my ‘playing around’ images:

I started reading Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure, which has my head swimming but has also increased my interest.  I’m sure it will take a couple of readings before it all sinks in but I think it will make a difference.  My next step is to invest in a different camera.  I was going to say better but my ‘little’ camera does a really good job and by understanding how to truly use it I have taken some very cool pics (IMHO!).  What I would like to do is get a camera that allows me more control and options.  Still investigating and learning, so for now I’ll keep playing around with the camera I have.


About Mike

I'm an Engineer most of the time but if I can sneak away from the job I enjoy visiting/reading about/learning everything Disney, playing video games as long as I can stop and think about them, reading science fiction and my newest fascination is photography.
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