The Lion King

The Lion King broadway show is coming to Syracuse, NY this fall at the Crouse Hinds Theater.  My daughter brought home the ad from one of her teacher’s papers earlier this week.  I was choosen to make the early morning trip to Syracuse to get in line at the box office for the 7am opening.  There was incentive, the first 100 people received a free Lion King CD.

I woke up at my normal workday time and hopped in the car for the hour drive into Syracuse.  Wasn’t a bad morning and at 4am there really isn’t much traffic.  I got to the box office just before 5am and was a little worried I was in the wrong location.  There were not many people around but once I saw the Lion King barricade set up along the building and spotted a few people standing near the door I knew I was in the right location.  I gathered up my line waiting supplies and headed over.  I was 5th in line!  Woo hoo!

The first couple of people in line had arrived the previous night at 10:30pm but I can only imagine what they thought all night long as the next person didn’t show up until 4am.  Our little group grew slowly until around 6:15am when I finally noticed there were about 50 people waiting. One lady that arrived had even brought zucchini bread to share with everyone.

The wait was made enjoyable by some local radio stations that were setting up when I arrived.  Y94, B104 and Hot1079 (I assume all part of a broadcasting family) were playing some music, passing out Tim Hortons coffee and donuts, bottles of water, Nutri-Grain bars and fruit snacks.  They started drawing names they had collected from the people waiting in line for a free 10 minute massage and a chance to win some pretty cool prizes.  FYI – I didn’t win!

At 7am they opened the doors to the box office and by 7:15am I was walking out with three tickets for a mezzanine box on October 1st.  None of us have been to a broadway show so we decided to do this one up right.  Now I just have to wait until October…  it’s going to kill me!