Great article! Examining Epcot – The Germany Showcase | Progress City, U.S.A.


Another great article from Michael Crawford at Progress City, U.S.A. A very detailed look at the Germany pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase which includes references to real world examples for the various buildings throughout the area. A lot of the features mentioned are the ones I generally photograph when I am in the pavilion.

On my last visit to WDW my wife and I spent a little more time near the fountain as we enjoyed a dessert from the Karamell-Kuche store. I really enjoy Epcot more once the sun goes down. The various areas take on a whole different look when the night time lighting is on. We sat just outside the Biergarten restaurant and even though it was cooler than I would have preferred, it was great to be amongst all that atmosphere. As we enjoyed the sugary confections I wished I had spent more time stopping and looking around at all the great details. Next visit for sure…


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I'm an Engineer most of the time but if I can sneak away from the job I enjoy visiting/reading about/learning everything Disney, playing video games as long as I can stop and think about them, reading science fiction and my newest fascination is photography.
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