I guess I don’t really have a lot to say…

I thought I would use this space more than I do.  Usually I’m pretty good at rambling on, just ask any of the people I work with.  lol  It just doesn’t seem like I remember about this space.  It is always an after thought.  Not how I wanted to proceed.  I invested some time in the beginning, especially when I was designing how I wanted it to look.  I think it tuned out well.  Now I just need to find topics I want to talk about.

There are plenty.  I really enjoy Disney.  Spend a good portion of my online time checking out the plethora of information to be found.  I also haunt some video game sites for news, reviews and info about the latest games.  Maybe my problem is not spending much time actually thinking about this stuff.  I take it all in but must not be properly digesting it.  It has to be like eating Chinese take-out… you are hungry an hour after eating.  I guess it is time to think of the info as a meal and not take-out.  Actually sink my teeth into it and digest it properly.  I know, kind of a gross analogy, but one I can work with…


About Mike

I'm an Engineer most of the time but if I can sneak away from the job I enjoy visiting/reading about/learning everything Disney, playing video games as long as I can stop and think about them, reading science fiction and my newest fascination is photography.
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